Bookkeeping Automation with sevDesk

Are you looking for an accounting or billing tool and wondering if sevDesk is right for you? Entrepreneurs already have a lot to take care of in their business. So why keep doing repetitive and boring bookkeeping tasks? You should be able to focus on the most important things in your business.


Have you been looking for a way to streamline and simplify your bookkeeping? Consider exploring sevDesk, an automation tool that promises to make the entire process easier from start to finish. Read our review of this software and make an informed decision on whether or not it’s right for you.

What is sevDesk?

SevDesk is an accounting software for small businesses and freelancers that lets you digitally file all your documents and optimizes your bookkeeping. It automatically sets up revenue-surplus invoices, provisional VAT returns, creates your invoices, and much more.

What features does sevDesk include?

SevDesk offers a wide variety of features to help you with your bookkeeping and automate processes.


The most important features are:

  • Creating invoices
  • Preparing estimates
  • Sending reminders
  • Customer management
  • Supplier management
  • Revenue and expense tracking
  • Tax report
  • Online banking
  • Warehouse and inventory management

How much does sevDesk cost?

Depending on your company’s needs, sevDesk offers 3 different plans.

sevDesk Invoice

SevDesk invoice is the most economical option for € 9,90 per month and is perfect for entrepreneurs and freelancers who want to quickly and easily prepare their invoices.


This includes:

  • Creating Invoices
  • Preparing Estimates
  • Sending Reminders
  • Customer Management
  • 1 user
  • each extra user costs $5


sevDesk Accounting

Do you want to do your bookkeeping yourself? Then sevDesk Accounting would be a good option for you. SevDesk Accounting will cost you € 19,90 per month

In addition to the sevDesk Invoice features you will get the following:

  • Repeated invoices
  • Delivery notes and confirmation of orders
  • Revenue and Expense tracking
  • OCR – predictive text
  • Tax report
  • Profit loss report
  • Cost centers
  • Online banking
  • 1 user
  • Each extra user costs $5


sevDesk ERP

SevDesk ERP is the most extensive version and offers a full range of features for € 45,90 per month.


With this offer you get these additional features:


  • All the features of sevDesk Accounting
  • Warehouse and inventory management
  • Supplier relationships
  • Supplier prices
  • Client prices
  • Supplier and product assignment
  • 1 user 
  • Additional user $5

Does sevDesk provide access for my tax advisor?

SevDesk gives your tax advisor access. They can log in to a self-service portal and easily access the client’s sevDesk account. 


All the data is in real-time and can be exported in DATEV format in just a few clicks. 

Which eCommerce integrations does sevDesk have?

The following features are extremely important. Accounting is connected with many points and processes in different departments of any company. Integrations open up new possibilities.

You can add even more functions with integrations. SevDesk offers integrations with:

Receipts can be easily exported via CSV, PDF, or ZIP. Additionally, it has an API interface.

SevDesk can be integrated more extensively via Zapier and Make, which maps your accounting and all processes even more efficiently.

Automate email attachments, upload receipts, integrate CRM with SevDesk, integrate your webshop, or integrate your newsletter.

Does sevDesk have a time-tracking feature?

With sevDesk’s time tracking features companies can add working hours and assign projects to themselves and team members.

You can directly add your tasks to your client and automatically bill them for it without having to manually add everything. All you have to do is click start when you start working and stop when the task is done.

Services with fixed hourly prices can be added and then used individually for each client.

SevDesk’s time tracking features cost € 4,90 extra per month.


How is sevDesk’s customer support service?

 If you encounter any issues you can make use of the handbook and FAQs. In the help center, you can find all the information about new updates.

Do you prefer to talk to other users? SevDesk has its own forum. For any direct questions, you can contact their support center via mail, phone, or check their blog.

What are the pros and cons of sevDesk?

Like any software, sevDesk has pros and cons. 



  • Spend less time on accounting and administration
  • Multicurrency
  • Dashboard
  • Lean and optimized business processes  
  • Enormous growth potential through scaling
  • Use of online banking
  • Easy onboarding process with interactive tutorials



The following points could be improved to make sevDesk, even more, user-friendly:

  • There are no bulk actions for receipts, now it has to be selected one by one
  • No split bookings
  • Optimization of automatic recognition and suggestion for transfers
  • 1 click account retrieval
  • Sometimes there are bugs in the scanning app

How is the experiences of sevDesk users?



What are the alternatives to sevDesk?

Did sevDesk not convince you right away? Maybe these software are a better match for you:


SevDesk is especially well designed for freelancers and small to middle-sized businesses. The dashboard lets you see the most important information in one click. 


Anyone who would like to save fees for the tax consultant/accountant can also do so with sevDesk by using the tool to create the ongoing advance sales tax return and send it directly to the tax office. Then the consultant „only“ has to do the annual accounts, so that the fee decreases.

Overall, the program paves the way for the digitization of small companies and gives you the opportunity to concentrate on the essentials.

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