Bookkeeping Automation with BuchhaltungsButler

Do you want to spend less money and have more freetime? Stop wasting time on repetitive and boring bookkeeping tasks. These tasks can be automated with the use of software like BuchhaltungsButler.

BuchhaltungsButler is a cloud based software that helps you to automate your accounting.

With the feedback of our clients and our own experience  we will give you the information you need to decide if BuchhaltungsButler is the right software for you. 

What is BuchhaltungsButler (BHB)?

BuchhaltungsButler is a cloud based accounting software. It lets you log in from any device. However, there is also a synchronized folder on your home PC. 

New receipts can be sent to your AccountingButler via email, Dropbox or manual upload. The software will automatically read the receipt and add it to your collection, assign it to the right account and read the VAT.

You can always manually check if the voucher was read correctly and make any necessary adjustments. If you confirm the voucher with one click, it will be booked.

What features does BuchhaltungsButler (BHB) include?

BuchhaltungsButler offers the following features:

  • Smart transaction and receipt organization
  • Leave comments and notes on receipts
  • Revenue surplus statement and balance sheet
  • Taxation and profit determination
  • Function to categorize similar receipts
  • Split bookings, close bookings
  • VAT
  • Automatic plausibility checks
  • Asset management

How much does BuchhaltungsButler cost?

BuchhaltungsButler offers three different options with different features to choose from.

The Prebooker package is the perfect package if you want to share the workload with your accountant. It costs € 34,95 per month and offers the following features:

  • Branch specific automation
  • Smart receipt categorization
  • Rule, Auto and Selectionbased processing
  • Banking, Credit Cards and Paypal
  • Individual & collective transfers
  • Invoices, offers and credits
  • Access for accountant
  • Give specific access and rights for employees
  • Technical support

The do-it-yourself package costs € 39,95 per month and offers these additional features:

  • VAT return
  • Evaluates revenue surplus statement and balance sheet
  • Invoice approval
  • Asset management

For € 109,95 per month you will get the premium package. This one is suitable for you if you work with larger teams. It offers the following additional features:

  • Unlimited amount of access for employees
  • Professional onboarding
  • Accounting support
  • Personal contact at BuchhaltungsButler

Does BuchhaltungsButler provide access for my tax advisor?

All data are DATEV-prepared and can therefore be used by tax consultants without any problems.

You can also use BuchhaltungsButler to submit your VAT to the tax office.

Which eCommerce integrations does BuchhaltungsButler (BHB) have?

BuchhaltungsButler offers the following integrations:

Does BuchhaltungsButler have a time-tracking feature?

BuchhaltungsButler does not have a time-tracking feature.

How is BuchhaltungsButler customer support service?

BuchhaltungsButler has their own online data bank in case you have any questions or issues. In addition they have a Tax-Wiki where you can read everything you need about taxes.

There is a portal where you can add your ideas in order to improve the software and regularly they offer webinars.

If you have a premium account BuchhaltungsButler offers “customer hours”. This means that you can talk with an employee and ask all your questions.

What are the pros and cons of BuchhaltungsButler?


  • Dashboard
  • Easy and fast processing
  • Easily automates processes needed for tax advisor
  • Excellent customer support


  • No payment reminders
  • Need to have a basic understanding of bookkeeping
  • Can’t duplicate receipts and also no option for recurring expenditures (like rent or insurance)
  • Taxes and vendor needs to be selected twice (receipt form is split into kreditor/debitor and general)
  • No time tracking feature

How are the experiences of BuchhaltungsButler users?

Most users of BuchhaltungsButler point out that they deliver very good customer service.

Plus the preparation for the tax advisor can be almost automated by artificial intelligence which saves a lot of time.

What are the alternatives to BuchhaltungsButler (BHB)?

There are many different accounting softwares in case that BuchhaltungsButler did not convince you for example:

Buchhaltungsbutler – THE BOTTOM LINE

Buchhaltungsbutler is your go-to if you are a growing company and want to automate large amounts of

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