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About us

AntiBooks is an expert agency specializing in accounting and automation for businesses of all types in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Whether you’re interested in optimizing your accounting or want to completely entrust your accounting tasks to us, we’re here to support you.

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You don’t know which finance stack suits your business best? You want to get the most out of bookkeeping automation but feel lost? You already have tools integrated but don’t know how to use them? We are happy to help!

No matter which tool you use - we know them all!
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What people say?

I was thrilled to work with Sandra. She was very effective in walking me through SevDesk and getting me on the right page with my book keeping. She even answered questions outside of our 1 hour consulting blocks. I feel very thankful to have her as a knowledgable resource. I will definitely be working with her again in the future."
Nicole @ The Singing Ant
An incredible talent who saved us so much time implementing the right software and automatization process. She had always an open ear for feedback/adjustments and new ideas on the company site.
Michi @ Artist Alife Agency
The best consultation call I have had since launching my business 12 months ago. Sandra is fantastic - knowledgeable, and solution-oriented. By applying her recommendations, I will finally be able to take back a huge chunk of time from the admin tasks that have been slowing things down. I certainly plan on working with Sandra again!
Douglas @ Longship Marketing GmbH
Managing Director

We first focused on the D-A-CH region only but soon realized that we can improve accounting processes for international companies as well. Simply send us a message and we’ll find out. We ♡ challenges!

No matter if you’re a solo-entrepreneur or a big holding. There are always processes that can be improved or automated. Don’t be shy! Let’s talk.

Very smoothly! You’ll be forwarded to our calendar where you can schedule a consulting call or your first training session.

Yes, you can schedule trainings for up to 3h. Longer meetings than that we don’t find very efficient.

Why Bookkeeping Automation?

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Digital & Automated Bookkeeping

For some unknown reason, company accounting is still often done using slow, manual, old-fashioned processes. These involve spreadsheets, paper export reports, and lots of data entry.

Perhaps the reason for all this is known: that’s the way it’s been done for decades. Sounds familiar?

We know the technology to make accounting and bookkeeping faster, more accurate, and far more productive. It shouldn’t be a grind to get your ledger in order, and it shouldn’t take weeks to close the books.

If you’ve come to this realization already, but haven’t yet found a good accounting automation process, we got you covered. Together with your tax advisor, we can get your finances up to date and reduce the manual process to a bare minimum.

If you want to save yourself time and money for your future accounting, let’s have a chat, and we’ll show you how easy it is.

Are you seeking a life without regulations, taxes, and bureaucracy?

For many people, this sounds like a dream but believe us: it is possible! Do you want to know how?
Book a consultation with our partner from Staatenlos and live the financial freedom you deserve.