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Save time & money with our efficient and optimized processes.


Data privacy is important to us: We use NFC and security tokens.

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With our support, accounting becomes child's play.

Save time, money, and nerves with AntiBooks!

About AntiBooks

AntiBooks is an expert agency specializing in accounting and automation for businesses of all kinds in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Whether you’re interested in optimizing your own accounting processes or entrusting all accounting tasks to us, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

The Team at AntiBooks

Our team has a strong passion for technological innovations and firmly believes they can improve how businesses manage their finances.
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Our Partners for Accounting Automation

Accounting Services


Accounting Workflow & Tech Stack Consulting

The consultation is aimed at assisting businesses in optimizing their accounting processes and selecting suitable software solutions.

Digitalization and Automation Projects

This service offers you a comprehensive solution for setting up and integrating our recommended tools to automate the financial processes of your company.

Expert Accounting Service

Not keen on accounting? No problem! The perfect solution for those who don't want to deal with the complexity and time commitment of accounting.

Finance Tool Support

If you need support with any of our finance partner tools, you've come to the right place. We'll show you how it's done.

CFO as a Service

Do you need a strong partner by your side who always keeps an eye on your business numbers? We manage your cash flow.

Team Coaching

You prefer to handle accounting in-house but lack expertise within your team? We provide training for you and your employees.

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> You want to get the most out of accounting automation,
but you feel lost?
> You’re not sure which Accounting Tech-Stack is best for your company?
> You’ve already integrated tools but don’t know how to use them?
We’re here to help!

Online courses for you and your team

AntiBooks | Accounting Automation

GetMyInvoices | 2FA Integration for Online Portals

Learn in this course everything about two-factor authentication and how to seamlessly and headache-free integrate automatic 2FA retrieval for online portals in GetMyInvoices.
AntiBooks | Accounting Automation

GetMyInvoices | Integrate with Gmail - No Error Messages

With this online course, you’ll receive a detailed step-by-step guide with insider tips to seamlessly integrate your Gmail account with GetMyInvoices for importing into your accounting tool.
AntiBooks | Accounting Automation

How to (properly) automate Shopify with sevDesk

Did you know that your eCommerce revenue with sevDesk and Shopify can be completely automated with the right settings? This online course shows you how it’s done.