Easing your bookkeeping burdens to empower your business's potential.


AntiBooks is your go-to expert in accounting and automation, serving businesses across Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. With over two decades in the industry, our journey has equipped us with deep expertise and a keen understanding of each client’s unique needs.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your accounting processes or prefer to hand over the reins completely, we’re here to support you. Our experience spans 20 years, during which we’ve not only honed our skills but also deepened our insight into the individual requirements of our clients.

Interested in optimizing your accounting? Or ready to entrust it entirely to a professional team? Either way, AntiBooks is at your service, ensuring your financial management is in capable hands.

We are excited to use our expertise to help businesses to become more successful and efficient!

Mission &

Our mission at AntiBooks is straightforward: to alleviate the accounting burden from our clients. Not only do we handle accounting, but we also streamline and simplify processes. This way, you can concentrate fully on your core business activities.

Our vision embraces a future where every company, big or small, across all industries, adopts a digital and optimized accounting process.

Our goal is to ensure you always have an up-to-date overview of your financials. Consequently, this enables you to react proactively to changes and make well-informed decisions for your business’s success.

Meet The Team

Our team is very passionate about technological innovation and believes that it can improve how businesses manage their finances.

bookkeeping automation expert


After exploring the corporate world for a decade, she decided it was time to take on a new challenge. In her ten years of working in the accounting department of Big Holding, she discovered her ability to implement effective modern solutions to old financial problems. Her keen attention to detail led her to uncover innovative methods to upscale business growth, thus creating AntiBooks – an Accounting Automation firm focused on process automation. 

backoffice angel


Maya is the guardian angel of the Antibooks office! She ensures everything runs smoothly and efficiently behind the scenes.

master of content


Chad is our content genius! He has a knack for creating compelling and engaging content for our website, blog posts, and social media accounts.


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