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About Antibooks Digital & Automated Accounting Services

Specializing in accounting and automation, AntiBooks | Digital & Automated Accounting Services is the go-to agency for businesses across Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

This expertise enables us to cater to a diverse range of business types, ensuring that each client’s specific needs are met with precision.

Moreover, our focus extends to providing tailored solutions that streamline financial processes and enhance overall efficiency.

Whether you’re interested in optimizing your accounting or want to completely entrust your accounting tasks to us, we’re here to support you.

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Meet Our Team

Our team is very passionate about technological innovation and believes that it can improve how businesses manage their finances.

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AntiBooks Partners for Digital & Automated Accounting

Digital & Automated Accounting Services

  • Unsure about which finance stack is ideal for your business?
  • Feeling overwhelmed with maximize the benefits of Accounting automation?
  • Already equipped with tools but uncertain about their usage?

Fortunately, we’re here to help! Our expertise at AntiBooks is tailored to guide you through these challenges, ensuring you make the most of your financial tools and processes.

Accounting Automation Consulting

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Online Courses

Tired of endless hours spent on manual bookkeeping? Looking to optimize your accounting process? You’re in the right place!

Here, we’ll show you how to easily streamline and automate your accounting tasks. With our selection of courses, you can say goodbye to tedious manual work and embrace efficiency.

GetMyInvoices | Stress free 2FA-Integration of Online Portals

Automate Shopify & sevDesk the right way

GetMyInvoices | Gmail connection - without errors


AntiBooks Digital & Automated Accounting Services
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Save money by taking off manual work from your assistant & tax advisor

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Concentrate on doing business again or just enjoy the free time

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No more headaches or menial work and thus happy employees

We first focused on the D-A-CH region only but soon realized that we can improve accounting processes for international companies as well. Simply send us a message and we’ll find out. We ♡ challenges!

No matter if you’re a solo-entrepreneur or a big holding. There are always processes that can be improved or automated. Don’t be shy! Let’s talk.

Very smoothly! You’ll be forwarded to our calendar where you can schedule a consulting call or your first training session.

Yes, you can schedule trainings for up to 3h. Longer meetings than that we don’t find very efficient.

Why Digital & Automated Accounting?

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Digital & Automated Accounting

Company accounting often relies on slow, manual, old-fashioned processes, involving spreadsheets, paper export reports, and extensive data entry. Why, you might ask? The answer could be tradition: it’s the way it’s been done for decades. Does that sound familiar?

Thankfully, technology exists that can make accounting and bookkeeping faster, more accurate, and much more efficient. Managing your ledger shouldn’t be a grind, nor should it take weeks to close the books.

Realizing the need for a better way but haven’t found the right accounting automation process yet? We’ve got you covered. By collaborating with your tax advisor, we aim to bring your finances up to speed and minimize manual processes as much as possible.

Interested in saving time and money on your future accounting tasks? Let’s start a conversation, and we’ll demonstrate just how easy and efficient your accounting can be with the right tools and strategies.

Are you seeking a life without regulations, taxes, and bureaucracy?

For many people, this sounds like a dream but believe us: it is possible! Do you want to know how?
Book a consultation with our partner from Staatenlos and live the financial freedom you deserve.